Non-asbestos Clutch Facing

Due to the fact that global markets are requiring more non-asbestos clutch facing materials, the clutch facings we produce are almost asbestos free quality, we have full range of non-asbestos quality categories that making our products suitable for all kinds of customers' requirements. With a wider range of products lines, we can better meet our customers' demand from different areas, our clutch facings products are becoming more popular among our customers.

Our regular asbestos-free clutch facing materials can meet the following standard:

1)      Wear and friction property:

 Following GB/T5764-1998 national standard;  

Friction coefficient: 0.32-0.55(average)  

Wearing rate: 0.15-0.35(average).

2)      Theoretical density: 2.0 g/cm3, actual density of our products: 1.87 g/cm3(average).

3)      Hardness of our product: HRL 60-90.

4) Burst strength: Φ200x130x3.5mm≧12000r/Min.(FW-78, FW-548,).

5) Bend test: ≧50 N/mm2

According to the product property, we recommend non-asbestos clutch lining code FW-202, FW-203, FW-48, FW-58, and FW-008 for light duty and medium duty vehicles,  FW-78FW-168, FW-028, FW-548, FW-558 and FW-668, for medium duty and heavy duty clutch disc assembly.

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