Engineering Friction Disc

We can manufacture all range friction disc for engineering machinery parts: JCB, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sauer Danfoss, Bridge Stone.

The parts including all the friction disc and the mating steel plate, friction disc parts diameter range from 54mm to 1038mm. The friction disc material we can provide for engineering machinery including paper material, carbon graphite. One of the paper friction disc material test property shows as follows:

9713-1999 PAPER BASED WET DISK FOR ENGINEERING MACHINERY. Non-asbestos paper based friction disc, material weight percentage:

Paper 30%~40%, Aramid Fiber 3%~7%, Glass Fiber 10~17%, Porcelain Clay 9%~15%, Aluminium Oxide 12%~15%, Graphite 8%~10%,Phenolic Resin 11%~16%.

Paper based friction disc is tested inside oil dipped clutch disc test machine, paper based friction disc wear rate: 1.39x10-5 mm3/J ~1.46x10-5mm3/J, paper base friction disc is suitable for high powder, low speed high torque transmission. The adhensive quality of disk is tested by bending method.

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