Forklift Friction Disc

We can provide the friction plate and steel mating plate for forklift such as: Kamatsu, Toyota, TCM, Linde, Hyundai, Yale, Misubishi, Daewoo/Doosan, Clark/Dana, The material for friction disc and friction plate including: Paper, Carbon, Bronze(copper), The material for friction steel mating plate including: 45 steel and 65Mn. We could machine or press all kinds of grooves: Sunbrst, Radial, 2 pass, 3 pass, waffle.spiral, etc.

Paper based friction disc is tested inside oil dipped clutch disc test machine, paper based friction disc wear rate: 1.39x10-5 mm3/J ~1.46x10-5mm3/J, paper based facing is suitable for low speed, high torque and high power transmission. The adhensive property of paper disk is tested by bending method. Static coefficient of friction and dynamic coefficient of friction, both comply with the national standard of paper based wet disk for engineering machinery.

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