Dry Clutch

Dry clutch in our factory including ceramic clutch button and racing disc, both these two products are ceramic copper material and are used in dry clutch disc assembly, the dry clutch button has high friction coefficient, low wearing rate and high temperature resist, they are very suitable for heavy duty trucks. Dry clutch button are very popular in North America and South America market. 

Clutch button dry clutch products are suitable for Mack, Tata clutch disc and Leyland tractor clutch disc and some cars, due to the low wearing rate, suitable friction coefficient and the proper hardness, clutch buttons products is replacing part of the clutch facing market, especially in the heavy duty truck market, customers who are using our buttons found it was very economical, as our button is low wear rate, and can compare with the US made clutch button.

There are three dry clutch button formula we can provide currently, one is our regular formula, smooth finish and medium property, another is the low wear formula with rough finish, the third one is a new formula, it’s developed with the assistance of the oversea engineer, and this button is following Miba appearance and similar to its finish and property, it is supplied to our OE customers, due to its low cost and excellent property, it is very popular among our customers from South America and India.

Our regular clutch button property showed as follows:

1) Friction coefficient: 0.49-0.58(regular) Wearing rate: 0.05-0.12 10-7 cm3/N.M (regular).

2) Surface Hardness of button: BHN 25-35(copper); BHN 30-36(iron/carbonic);

3) Bend test result: Passed, no bearing area on the back plate.

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