Clutch Facing

Our clutch facings materials include non-asbestos clutch facing and asbestos clutch facing, for non-asbestos clutch facing materials, we have glass fiber, copper wire covered yarn, high copper, aramid fiber, strong twisting yarn, and appearance following Raybestos and Sachs etc. Different quality catagories making our products suitable for different areas, our current main markets are the North American, the South American and the Europe, we also have customers from Middle East and South-East Asia.

In 2008, we invested automatic weaving machines, and since then, the clutch lining production efficiency has been greatly improved. The current maximal monthly clutch facings production reaches 300,000 pcs, and we are adding more labors and press machines to satisfy the continuously increasing order demands.

Due to the fact that global markets are requiring more non-asbestos materials, the clutch lining we produce are almost all non-asbestos quality, we have full range of quality categories that making our products suitable for all kinds of customers' requirements. Due to a more flexible quality standard and can comply with customers special demands, our clutch facings products are becoming more popular among our customers.

Our regular non-asbestos clutch facings materials can meet the following standard:

1) Wear and friction property:

 Following GB/T5764-1998 national standard; 

 Friction coefficient: 0.32-0.55(average)  

 Wearing rate: 0.15-0.35(average).

2) Theoretical density: 2.0 g/cm3, actual density of our products: 1.87 g/cm3(average).

3) Hardness of our product: HRL 60-90.

4) Burst strength: Φ200x130x3.5mm≧12000r/Min.(FW-78, FW-548,).

5) Bend test: ≧50 N/mm2

According to the product property, we recommend clutch lining code FW-202, FW-203, FW-48, FW-58, and FW-008 for light duty and medium duty vehicles,  FW-78FW-168, FW-028, FW-548, FW-558 and FW-668, for medium duty and heavy duty clutch disc assembly.

Our factory still have two asbestos clutch lining quality available, they are currently sold to a few customers from the South American and South East Asia, due to its low cost and high property, it is still very popular among our customers. The asbestos clutch facings we provide is 100% cotton materials, and will not cause property change at 300℃.

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